St. George's Caye Resort - December Newsletter​ - Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Newsletter Continued...

.. Although this is written in context as a whimsical poem, it seems to create a great metaphor for the way we can choose to live every day. This message seems timely for this season of a year ended and a whole New Year to come...

Have you accomplished everything you had hoped this year? What is the New Year's resolution you set for 2018 are most proud to have accomplished? What is on the horizon for the next year?

Whether it be a healthier lifestyle, more time with family and friends or seeing places you have never seen before, we wish you all the best in the coming New Year.

Cheers to you this Holiday Season - St. George's Caye Resort


St. George’s Caye Resort is located on St. George’s Caye and is 7 miles from mainland Belize and just a two hour boat ride, through the Carribiean to the Great Blue Hole. Advanced divers enjoy perfect water temperatures, water clarity and healthy reef eco-systems teeming with life. 

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